This image coalesced through some pretty nerdy shit. A while back I created a rat themed MTG Deck and I needed a lot of rat tokens so I could keep track of all my rats. So I painted some Warhammer figurines. Then I really geeked out and took a bunch of close-up photos of them in such a manner so they looked pretty realistic. I liked one of the images enough to the point where I illustrated it into a full-blown poster. So yea, that’s how this red rat picture came into existence.

Demo Reels

These are my two current demo reels. One is for Motion Graphics, and the other is for Game Art.  The Motion Graphics reel is the culmination of work over a year and a half at a local jukebox company (AMI). My Game Art demo shows a much larger set of work spanning four years and twenty-two games at Megatouch, (another now-defunct local game company). All the game work was done in Unity, and all the motion graphics work was created strictly in After Effects.